Our Policies 

By accepting a position with a Sapphire Elite Allstars team, all athletes and parents are expected to adhere to the clubs policies.

• I recognise that the team placement I have been given has been decided based on what my personal “best self” is, and therefore I commit to only bringing my “best self” to training and competitions. I recognise that any behaviour, attitude or effort levels below that which myself and my coaches recognize to be my “best self” is not acceptable, and that consistently behaving below this personal standard will result in consequences up to andincluding suspension from a competition team, or removal from the entire Sapphire programme.

• I will come to practice with a positive attitude, and will respect and follow the instructions given by all Sapphire coaches, coaches in training, and staff.

• I will display good sportsmanship at training and at competitions, and not disrespect any athlete (from any team), parent, coach or event staff member, be that via face-to-face contact, email, phone, social media or any other form of communication.

• I (athlete, AND parent if under 18) will conduct myself appropriately on all social media at all times. This includes both internal Sapphire pages/groups, and external pages relating to the sport of cheerleading. I agree to only post positive content, and recognise that social media is NOT the appropriate forum to vent or resolve any issues relating Sapphire Allstars, competitions or the sport of cheerleading in general.

• Instead, I agree to communicate with coaches and staff via the appropriate methods, and with respect at all times. I understand that all general enquiries should be made either to the coach at the end of practice, or via the central email (sapphireelitecoaches@gmail.com), and that only time sensitive communication should be done via text (i.e. late to practice, where to meet at
competition). I understand that disrespectful or rude comments to any Sapphire Allstar coach, staff member, or athlete will not be tolerated, and may result in removal from the programme.

• I recognise that all Sapphire coaches have additional, full time jobs and therefore although coaches will endeavour to respond as soon as possible toqueries, it may take up to 48 hours for replies to be made.

• I understand that all material, music and routines are the property of Sapphire Allstars, and are not to be used for any other purposes without prior approval of the coaches. This includes, but is not limited to: school talent shows, fancy dress parties, social networking sites and video sharing sites.

• I commit to paying Sapphire Allstars membership, training and competition fees by the dates listed in the information booklet 2017-18, OR by the dates agreed as part of an individual payment plan. All payments are non-

• I understand that any late payment, without prior discussion with the Sapphire Admin Manager will incur a £5 admin fee, and that if payment is missed for more than two trainings/classes, I/my child will not be allowed to participate in the training session and will instead be asked to sit and watch until payment is made.

• I recognise that competition entry fees, their respective deadlines, and spectator ticket prices/deadlines are set by the event producers, and that one athlete not paying on time has the potential to increase the cost for all other athletes. I understand that Sapphire Allstars will facilitate the purchase of spectator tickets for all parents, up until the payment deadline. However after this date, the responsibility for finding spectator tickets is entirely down to parents/athletes.

• I will help participate in fundraising events to support myself and my teammates wherever possible.

• I understand that cheerleading is a team sport, and therefore my teammates are depending on me to fulfil my responsibility as an athlete for the entire season. I will attend all training sessions, and all competitions, and recognise that failure to do so will result in changing my position in the routine, or removal from the team all together.

• I understand the Sapphire Allstars absence policy, and as such recognise that if I have 3 or more unexcused absences I will be given a final warning, and if a further unexcused absence occurs I will loose my space on the team. Excused absences: graded school event, illness with fever/vomiting, serious illness/death in family. Unexcused absences: holidays (including in school holidays while training continues), family celebrations, birthdays, recreational sports, traffic/travel issues, homework/revision (feel free to bring homework to training, most of the sapphire coaches have spent their summers revising at training!)