Our Classes

Competitive Cheerleading Teams

We offer competitive cheerleading Teams for ages 7+, with the aim to start offering 3+ in the new season. Our competition teams compete at 3-4 competitions across the season, which usually runs from September to mid July. We are running this slightly differently in the 21-22 season due to covid, so we're kicking off our season in June this year - Please see our 21-22 season page for more information! 

Our cheer teams offering a variety of levels, from beginners to advance. Our athletes gain lifelong friendships in these teams, whilst learning how important it is to be relied on by others, whilst motivating and encouraging their team members to be the best they can be. These teams require commitment, with athletes expect to attend every week, extra weekend sessions nearer competition, and all competitions throughout the season. 

Tumble Classes

Tumbling is a huge part of cheerleading, and is still continuing to grow. All athletes are encouraged to attend additional tumble classes on top of their team trainings in order to continue to push their tumble skill level, as well as maintain a high level of technique and execution. We offer classes for beginners working on cartwheels and walkovers, up to advanced athletes working on layouts and fulls, so there's something suitable for everyone. It is also important to enable athletes to continue to progress through their levels as they grow up through our programme. 

Stunt Groups

Stunt groups will be offered to those who show an interest in particular for stunting, and want to showcase this specifically, in addition to their main competitive team. It's a great opportunity for athletes to level up their skills outside of their team, and can prepare them for the following season.  It also is a great way to be considered for other teams should a space on a high level become available that is suitable or step in as a reserve should one be required.


Stunt groups will train for 1 hour per week with a coach, and athletes must be part of a competitive team.